Say goodbye to misleading country of origin claims

Where does your food come from?

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Eileen R.
27 Feb 2022

Excellent news

Bob F.
28 Dec 2021
Orange Juice from traditionally "Kiwi" owned and grown orchards - NOT!

I understand that at least one iconic traditionally owned brand, Keri, is now owned by the Coca Cola company, and its juice is apparently no longer sourced in KeriKeri, but imported in tanks from wherever it is most economical. Nowhere on its website is its source disclosed. Coca Cola is simply trading on the familiar history of Keri orange juice, grown and harvested in KeriKeri, NZ. I doubt if most kiwis know this, and if they did many would be more disposed to find a more local source that comes without the baggage of Coca Cola.
It will be interesting to see how Keri Orange Juice is labelled from Feb 22

Shona M.
27 Dec 2021
Plastic sticker fruit and veg labels

While it's good to hear about the widened labelling requirements, I too, am concerned that it could lead to even more use of the plastic stickers on fresh fruit and vegetables. These stickers are a classic example of of a one-use annoying use of plastic. I try to remove all stickers so they don't end up in my compost but I'd rather not have to. I do wonder how much of the adhesive material stays on the food and ends up inside me, too. Perhaps a future campaign could be directed towards finding more sustainable means of labelling.

Michael S.
26 Dec 2021
Pleased but the proof is yet to be seen.

I am very cautious of Chinese pork. What really annoys me is the statement on bacon (and others) "Contains New Zealand and imported ingredients." This tells you absolutely nothing. It might be Marlborough salt but the rest is imported from who knows where.

Simon B.
20 Jan 2022
Local and imported

yep -a 1.5kg bag of Organic rolled oats from that NZ iconic Harraways - with New Zealand all over the bag and Made from Local and imported in tiny writing down the side. I rang to see what was imported. The oats are imported! To their credit, their packaging has changed and is making that clearer now. NZ is part of their name, not their product. I buy non-organic Harraways -only NZ oats used here.

25 Dec 2021
Frozen fruit

I like to buy frozen rasberries, cherries, strawberries etc. and I have to search very hard for the origan label (often Serbia, Chile or Poland) and knowing this they need to be heated to about 85 degrees before being eaten according to repeated Listener articles. The problem is contamination resulting in diseases like hepatitis. Some of these have New Zealand in the package name and you would therefore think heating was not needed but detailed search shows otherwise. Bring on clearer labelling.

Alan D.
25 Dec 2021
More plastic in the environment

Those little labels they insist on putting on every piece of fruit end up in my compost and then in the garden. They don't break down, or perhaps they do after a long time and end up in the sea as microplastics. They should be biodegradable or edible.

Lance G.
25 Dec 2021
chicken and eggs

fresh chicken and eggs should be included and more specifically and honestly declared, how they farmed and raised, I dont believe the current labels at all ! as i recently understand most chicken have new altered Genetics making them grow to maximum dollar size in only 6 weeks , when normally used to be 8 weeks, this fast growth results in quicker payments to the breeder, but at the poor chickens expense as they are unable to stand up and get the water which is overhead as their legs cannot support the extra weight and many suffer and die on the shed floor until the workers come through and get them next day, but seems our current unsympathetic government does not care

B A S.
25 Dec 2021
New World house brand biscuits

many made in China, but at least they print where made so you can avoid them. Made from local and imported ingredients is a meaningless statement.