Coastal erosion
Research report
24 September 2019

How will sea level rise affect you?

What you need to know about the rising oceans.

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Jean W.
23 Nov 2019
Time to start the discussion

Thank you for a sensible and clearly very necessary article. You seem to have a lot of climate change deniers as members. My first thought was that it is irresponsible to give them a platform and you should be moderating the site, but equally, we need to be talking about this and reaching some decisions about how we are going to deal with sea level rise. The sooner the better. I know it's not your remit, but the more frightening aspect of climate breakdown will be the impact on food production, as the change in temperature and rainfall patterns affects our ability to grow the fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains that we currently eat.

Mike C.
14 Oct 2019
Consumer, are you serious?

Here we go again... (yawn) yet another Greta fangirl falling in line with the masses of non-critical thinkers perpetuating our media.

At the end of the last great ice-age, the sea level rose around 400 feet... so you think this a new thing caused by my diesel ute, farting cows and CO2?

For those critical thinkers wondering what's real and what's make-believe, here's something else to digest...

David W.
13 Oct 2019
Another "sky is falling" rort

If seas were really rising, would Al Gore and ex-President Obama be buying sea front properties?

David T.
13 Oct 2019
Sea Level rise scaremonger

NZ Sea Level rise articles never mention the Status quo linear rise of only 160-200mm per century that shows no sudden upward surge

They scare monger with as yet totally unproven computer theories

Peter H.
14 Oct 2019
Cherry-picked data?

If you look at the most recent data (rather than the archived link you gave) you can see an upward trend.

But, for all climate change and sea level rise deniers there will soon be lots of opportunity for investment: buy that cheap dream waterfront property at a bargain price. You won't be able to insure it against flooding, etc., but then you don't believe it will happen, anyway.

Alastair B.
15 Oct 2019
Yes, scaremongering

Peter H.

The only sea level acceleration is in the data from satellites in recent years and this is subject to numerous dodgy "corrections". No tide gauges worldwide show any acceleration and the rate is only 1.5-2.0mm a year as it has been since the end of the Little Ice Age in about 1850. Dunedin's tide gauge with about 120 years of recording only shows 1.3mm/year. If we can't cope with that there's no hope for us as a species.

Jill H.
12 Oct 2019
Time to stop allowing buildings near the sea

Interesting to read about insurance, govt and council responsibilities with sea level rise, but surely the first step should be to not issue building permits for people to continue building in areas which will soon be under threat!

Rex B.
14 Oct 2019
Paid to be alarmist

When a government employee is hired because of his adherence to the Green fashion rhetoric of man-made apocalypse, then start searching for the truth.
I have and it's the opposite.