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2 December 2014

Selling supplements

The unproven health claims behind supplement sales.

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Previous member
27 Feb 2016
Joint pain relief

Healtheries Jointex Plus Glucosamine 1000 & Chondroitin 265 has eased my night time joint pain so I'm gonna keep taking it!

Previous member
21 Nov 2015
What about other over-the-counter supplements

I'd be interested to hear about the effects of minerals lacking in our diet such as Selenium and Magnesium. I have been taking Magnesium for three weeks now and am sleeping like a baby. It claims to help with muscle spasms and cramps and I haven't had one since I started taking it.

Neil B.
26 Mar 2016
I agree!

I take magnesium because it stops me getting cramps in my toes. As a side effect of that, I discovered I sleep better and also it reduces sensitivity in my teeth.

Keith G.
09 Dec 2014
Natural Health and Supplemenary Products Bill

Unfortunately, the NHSP Bill has some worrying loopholes. While manufacturers are required to provide evidence of a health benefit, the Bill's definition of "health benefit" includes "nutritional support" and "vitamin or mineral supplementation." This implies that a vitamin, mineral or food supplement automatically qualifies without having to provide evidence of an actual improvement to health and well-being. Also, "evidence" is defined to include "traditional evidence", which essentially means evidence that a substance has been used traditionally, again without having to demonstrate an actual benefit to health.

Andrew H.
06 Dec 2014
Pharmaceutical Industry Fraud

Shock and horror!

I'm looking forward to your follow up article on double blind studies on pharmaceuticals that are sold by sales people - sorry, Doctors - that are propped up by fraudulent research. Here are a couple of places for you to start.

Possibly just get back to the business of testing and reporting on products yourselves? And while you are at it, put the dates back on them so we an see how long it was that a product line was reported on and a page that clearly shows the products you have reviewed...

Previous member
08 Dec 2014
Re: Product testing dates

Good morning Andrew,

The date a product test was published can be seen above the title of individual products. For example:
Above the 'Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark II' it states updated 1 Oct 2014

All products that we have current test results for can be seen via the menu at the top of the page, organised by category.

Richard - Consumer NZ

Stewart C.
06 Dec 2014
Who to believe?

I question both the EU & American FDA in respect of who or which companies might be applying 'pressure' in the pursuit of self-serving interests & there is plenty of evidence to show that kind of behaviour does go on. Let us take one example in New Zealand & that is of our illustrious Chief Scientist who continues to claim that Fluoride is safe & is effective in protecting dental health by swallowing it. In the face of his claim there is a truck load of thoroughly well research evidence to say that is quite simply untrue. I ask why are so many countries, towns, cities throughout the world who continue to move to stop fluoridation? I say beware of the regulators, know who the identities are & form your own conclusions as to consume or not as the case maybe. Here's to you all in good health - Stewart

Previous member
06 Dec 2014
Probiotics and joint pain

I had a very severe case of food poisoning last year. The effect of a probiotic (only 3 strains) was almost immediate in stopping the diahorrea and a daily tablet keeps my bowels normal. I had a painful knee joint from a jogging injury. I take a daily Glucosamine tablet and there is now no pain. These tablets work for me so the lack of "scientific proof" doesn't bother me in the slightest.

Muir & Janet C.
06 Dec 2014
How can you be sure it was the probiotic?

How can you be sure it was the probiotic that made you recover from the food poisoning rather than time itself?

Previous member
06 Dec 2014
Glucosamine and Condroitin

Having been a runner most of my life as I entered my sixties my knees began to fail and I had arthroscopic surgery on both. My last marathon was in 2010 and I completed it in agony walking the last 4 miles. The surgeon said my knees lacked cartilage. I have been on Glucosamine and Condroitin ever since and take the pills almost daily. I gave up running for cycling but this year have added running to my fitness routine. I can now run with no issues and recently ran a half marathon. Never thought I would be able to do this. I put it down to the cycling and the pills.

Neil B.
06 Dec 2014
Unproven, but still work?!

I'm the last person to be into taking supplements, but I have psoriasis plus an intolerance to dairy protein. I've found that by regularly taking a good probiotic (bearing in mind I cannot eat yoghurt), my psoriasis mostly disappears.

If I stop the proboitic, it comes back again. It is the only treatment that I've found has an effect; nothing else worked.

I also found one probiotic (a refrigerated variety) did not work as well as a lower cost non-refrigerated variety.

My partner has painful joints and does notice a significant improvement when taking glucosamine and chondroiton.