Parcel left on doorstep.
Updated 18 August 2021

Shopping during the lockdown: Your questions answered

Your consumer rights questions answered.

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C M F.
21 Aug 2021
Countdown Deliveries

Be aware that deliverers are told that they do not need to carry groceries up more than 40 steps (Health & Safety issue). I was caught out with this twice without notice during the last Lockdown. The first time they were left 40 steps up and the second time they were down on the road. There is nothing specific in the T&C to say that wide, well built concrete steps are a health hazard. Thank you Consumer for helping me confront Countdown on this matter.

21 Aug 2021
Exchanges during lockdown question

I purchased shoes that arrived a few days before lockdown. Their policy allows 14 days to exchange and I have emailed the business asking if I should return them now for exchange, or how they want to go about the transaction. I have heard nothing back. Can I assume the 14 days will start after after lockdown? Should businesses communicate via email during lockdown?

Simone B.
01 May 2020
Big Retailers - Delivery times

Is anyone else getting annoyed about the difference between expected and actual delivery times from the big retailers? I mean how hard can it be to update your website from “5 days” to “10 days”. I’ve had it from the Warehouse and from JB Hi-Fi.

G J M.
14 Apr 2020
Trusty Advice

I've been checking Consumer advice and reports now for many years and feel confident in their research and reporting. In these stressful and worrying times it is great that they are addressing ongoing issues that Covid-19 is presenting and I thank their team for their practical information regarding a wide range of issues during this rapidly invasive ' Covid-19 pandemic'. Gail Mullon

J W.
12 Apr 2020
Covid price gouging

The retailers who are allowed to trade have only got their customers over a barrel for the duration of the lockdown. I will make it a point to remember how different retailers behaved and will take every opportunity to remind other people about my experience. The same goes for landlords and banks.

Lorraine B.
12 Apr 2020
Thank you

Thanks for your clear and sensible ideas and information. Great going and what we need to give us confidence and support. It's a new world at the moment.

The magazine comment that subscribers should get a refund for cancelled (Bauer) magazines - how will we know? I emailed them to ask for this, but got no reply.

Your team is great, Consumer. Keep safe, all of you.