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July 2022

Should you buy an e-moped to commute?

Why should you consider one over an e-bike or second car.

Electric mopeds are 50cc equivalent bikes that can be ridden on a car licence, even a learner’s, so are ideal for those seeking cheap and clean city transportation.

E-mopeds are very easy to ride, just twist the throttle and go, you don’t have to worry about pedalling, gears, topping up oil, or heading to the petrol station and spilling fuel over your best pants. They are also extremely cost effective to run, the typical charging cost per kilometre is less than 1¢ and there is little maintenance required (just tyres and brakes). You will need access to a power point to charge though, most bikes have removeable batteries to make this easier, but some don’t.

Person riding e-moped in town.

Some e-mopeds can be more expensive to purchase than a petrol-powered equivalent, but they are no more expensive than a decent e-bike. Be warned though, you will have to pay rego costs of $163.96 each year, you won’t be able to ride in bicycle lanes or paths or use bike racks, and some cities require you to park in designated motorcycle zones (and these can fill up quickly on weekdays).

You will need to adhere to motorcycle licensing laws which require the wearing of a full helmet (not just a bicycle one) and, ideally, you’ll have other protective gear, such as gloves. You will however be more visible and safer on the road as e-mopeds are larger than e-bikes and have bright headlights and indicators.

E-mopeds are a fun and clean way to zip around town so check out our in-depth trials and buying guide, get out to a dealer and have a blast on one, and ride off into the future of 2-wheeled transportation.

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E-mopeds trialled

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