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Research report
12 March 2014

Spa pool buying guide

Key things to know if you're buying a spa pool.

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Joan G.
05 Jun 2021
Members feedback and advice

If Consumer cannot (?) undertake testing of Spa pools what’s preventing them from asking current members for their learnings and recommendations ? There are a few comments from Consumer saying they will do this but have no idea what’s stopping them ?

Fiona D.
20 Nov 2020
Spa pools

Don't understand your hesitation , Consumer,if you can review trampolines over time plus the obvious, strength, durability,and machine performance ,why can't you do it for spa pools ,?

Frank - Consumer staff
23 Nov 2020
Re: Spa pools

Hi Fiona,

Unfortunately, we're unable to review spa pools due to the extremely high cost to purchase and test them, and the time involved in testing for durability. We'd suggest asking for recommendations from friends or family, or check out some online reviews of spa pool manufacturers.

Kind regards,

Belinda R.
24 Sep 2019
Me too

Very disappointed that there are no reviews of spa pools. Consumer - I challenge you to go out and talk to salesmen from the main spa suppliers about why they think their product is the best - and then try to make a decision based on the (heavy duty) sales pitches. It is a nightmare, very difficult to compare products and to decide which of the marketing claims is true. We need your help, please.

Consumer staff
26 Sep 2019
Re: Me too

Hi Belinda,

Thanks for your feedback. Unfortunately we're unable to test or review spa pools due to the costs and the time involved in testing for durability. We'd suggest asking for recommendations from friends or family, or checkout some online reviews of spa pool manufacturers.

Kind regards,

Natalie - Consumer NZ staff

Antony F.
09 Sep 2019
Circulation pump durability

We had a new circulation pump put in just under three years ago after the previous one failed. It failed a month ago ie after 33 months. It cost over $700. The retailer says the warranty is for 24 months.

I wouldn’t spend $700 on a pump that lasted two years. Does Consumer have any suggestions on expected life span for a spa circulation pump so we can remind the retailer about the CGA?

Staff C.
12 Sep 2019
Re: Circulation pump durability

Hi Anthony,

We've got no data about how long a typical spa pool pump lasts, but I agree that less than three years seems too short, assuming the pump has been used as intended. I also wouldn't spend $700 on a pump that lasted just two years.

Kind regards,
Consumer NZ

Julie L.
12 Mar 2019
No product tests or reviews

I joined to read reports and reviews on spas too. I suggest finding a way to let people know on which products reports & reviews are/are not available before joining up. Thanks

Consumer staff
12 Mar 2019
Re: No product tests or reviews

Hi Julie,

Thanks for your feedback. This report provides buying advice only and is currently accessible to all. We haven't claimed to have tested or reviewed any spa pools – unfortunately we're unable to due to costs and time involved in testing for durability.

Fonda - Consumer NZ staff

Marita V.
07 Apr 2019
Spa pool

I bought a Hot Springs spa - two person one, Dec 2017. It has been fantastic and problem-free. My friend had bought a cheap second hand one previously then got a Hot Spring one too. We both paid top dollar - but both got top quality. Worth it! Use it far more than I thought I would.

Lynda M.
22 Feb 2019
Spa reviews - lack of

Mmmm as per previous comment. Joined today also to access spa reviews, but there are none. Pretty disappointing

Catherine C.
21 Feb 2019
No reviews??

I have read through all the comments and it appears I too am another subscriber who has just joined today to get the reviews on spa pools ... but there are none.
I have never purchased a spa before. If any members could please at least tell me which ones they have had positive experiences with, or negative, I would really appreciate it.

Scott W.
17 Dec 2018
Spa pools

Hi there, have Consumer done a report comparing electric hot tubs with wood burning ones or gas operated ones?

Consumer staff
18 Dec 2018
Re: Spa pools

Hi Scott,

Due to the costs involved and difficulty in measuring the durability over time, spa pools are not something we can test.

We have noted requests for spa pool reviews from our members, and are considering asking them about their experiences in future appliance reliability surveys.


Natalie - Consumer NZ staff

Previous member
15 Nov 2018
Spa pools please

We need guidance please. Even members feedback would suffice, at a pinch.

Elizabeth S.
13 Jun 2018
A review of Spa Pools please!

Come on, this needs to be done - seems everyone has the same complaint. Are you listening Consumer?

Consumer staff
14 Jun 2018
Re: A review of Spa Pools please!

Hi Elizabeth - unfortunately we are not able to test spa pools due to the costs involved and difficulty in testing durability over time. We have noted the desire for further coverage and will consider asking members about their experiences with brands in future appliance reliability surveys.

Frank - Consumer NZ staff

Consumer staff
30 Apr 2018
Spa pool testing

Hi everyone,

Thanks for your comments. Unfortunately spa pools are not something we can test, due to the costs involved and difficulty in testing durability over time. We'll keep your suggestions in mind - we may consider asking members about their experiences with brands in future appliance reliability surveys.

Fonda - Consumer NZ staff

Angela D.
26 Apr 2018
Please review spas!!

Hi Consumer,

Please do a product review on spa pools!

Previous member
25 Apr 2018
Still no reviews

What are we paying for when this site has very few useful product reviews?

Previous member
03 May 2020
Disappointed also

$20 to join up for something not here.. Guess they have to make money somehow.

I challenge that this isn't something that could be pulled together, even off consumer member experiences and feedback.

Anyway, thanks for nothing

Previous member
28 Dec 2017
Spa Pools

Your article is good but very general. Please review some common brands Cheers Sue

Kim F.
02 Dec 2017
Spa pool recommendation

Can Consumer please do a spa pool review? There are so many options and the prices vary so much!!

Previous member
09 Nov 2017
Need for spa pool review

I too joined consumer to see what review/tests had been done on spa pools. We are doing home renovations and want to look at purchasing a spa pool. Having now read some comments i am reluctant to buy just now. When is it likely consumer may look into reviewing or testing spa pools?

Previous member
18 Sep 2017

I would also appreciate consumer actually investigating and making comments and recommendations. I find it pretty difficult to assess the quality, differences in sanitation systems, and realistic running costs.

John H.
19 Aug 2017
The Need for a Spa Pool Review

Hi- It would be great if consumer investigated Spa pools in more detail. Our personal experience as first time spa owners has been to have 3 spa pools replaced in the last 18 months due to leaks and delamination issues. In addition there have been a string of minor faults. As a electrician I was not that impressed with the way the units are put together and now have some concerns about the SDoC supplied . I would be happy to share my correspondence and photos / videos with Consumer as it would catalouge a good range of issues encountered purchasing from a national supplier. Regards John

Tony G.
17 Jun 2017
Confused by articla

"vinyl cover made that fits over the top of your spa and goes underneath the insulating lid. This cover stops any water vapour from getting to the lid. The sealing effect also helps reduce heat loss through the lid of the spa. You need to be careful of rain water pooling on top of this cover, but for most people dealing with pooled rain wate"

If the vinyl cover is inder the insulating lid, how does raineater get to it? Is this a misprint? I'd like to know as or hot spring cover needs replacement, after only 3 years and i'd like to oritect the new one better.

Previous member
29 Jan 2017
Is it worth spending more on an spa pool?

There are so many cheap options but we have been warned off some brands. Can anyone recommend a good brand we can purchase in NZ?

Vicki R.
28 Apr 2017
Update please?

Hi David, did you manage to find a good spa pool brand that you can recommend? Which brands were you warned off? Any tips would be appreciated - thanks

Christopher H.
17 Aug 2017
spa pool review

I joined Consumer specifically to read reviews spa pools but there doesnt appear to be any !

Previous member
18 Aug 2017
Re: spa pool review

Hi Christopher,

Sorry you haven't found what you're after. This report is a buying guide on purchasing a spa pool. We haven't reviewed any models, but will pass your suggestion to our team.

Kind regards,
Fonda - Consumer NZ staff

Previous member
20 Aug 2017
Yes update please

Yes David T and Vicki R which brand do you recommend and any tips as I am interested aswell-Thankyou very much