Stihl chainsaw
Research report
15 July 2019

Stihl chainsaw trial: battery-electric vs petrol

Do battery chainsaws rival their old-school petrol counterparts when it comes to chopping up wood?

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Graeme W.
04 Aug 2019
De Walt battery chainsaw

I bought the de walt as I can't (as a light female) manage a petrol chainsaw - partly weight and partly starting the damn pull cord (same with the lawnmower). Its brilliant as i don't have to wait on my partner to do anything and as we have quite a few dewalt tools we can just keep swapping out the batteries which last about 20-30min. I also think its much safer as you turn if off when not in use (rather than holding it, still on). It was much cheaper than the one you mention here too, about $500 all up - the battery was supplied as a "free cashback" type offer after purchase.

Nick d.
03 Aug 2019
Horses for Courses

I recently bought the electric Stihl as we have the electric mower that shares a battery and charger. It is light and easy to use although it seems to be very generous with the amount of chain oil it pumps out. Excellent for clearing tracks quietly and efficiently with a very low carbon footprint.
I also have a 16" Stihl and a 28" Husquvana which are a much more suited to firewood cutting as they are far more powerful and easier to sharpen the chain. However they are much noisier, heavier and not as safe as the small electric saw.
I can highly recommend EZE Lap diamond chainsaw sharpeners which are vastly better than files as they make the teeth much sharper without removing as much metal. Unfortunately there is no 9/64" diamond sharpener available for the electric saw.

Hamish W.
10 Aug 2019
Horses for courses - yep, right!

I have 14" and 24" petrol Stihl saws but I've found a Ryobi battery powered 8" pole-saw to be a very handy tool. We have a row of macrocarpa that are quite prone to wind damage. The pole saw will easily trim off partially snapped branches up to 6" thick which then get cut up for fire wood with the smaller Stihl. Based on that experience, my next small saw is likely to be battery powered though I don't expect the Stihl will wear out any time soon.

John S.
03 Aug 2019

In an urban environment the electric option is preferred. But when cutting firewood, particularly hardwood; needed for winter then the more powerful fuel oil saw is by far preferred.

Paul W
03 Aug 2019
Electric Chainsaw

I would go for the electric except when you mention electric anything the price about doubles. I bought an EGO electric lawn mower two years ago. I like it but it did cost twice as much as the 4 stroke version the upside is that the battery can be used in other EGO products if you can find them.

Paul W
28 Aug 2019

I also bought an EGO mower. Great item though too expensive. I looked at the chainsaw attachment but just that by it's self was way dearer than a lot of 2stroke chainsaws.

David W.
03 Aug 2019
Chainsaw safety

The chap in the picture for the chainsaw safety piece isn't wearing earmuffs or eye protection. He might have earplugs in (hopefully), but could be good to use another pic on such an article. D.

Peter I.
04 Aug 2019
That picture is quite hilarious.

I wonder if it's a classic "don't do" example. Fairly apparent he has no ear plugs; He also appears not to be wearing gloves; The single undercut he's made on that diameter trunk is also not the safest or best way to section that.