8 April 2022

Supermarket hot cross buns ranked

Our blind taste test separates the delicious from the dreadful.

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Larisa S.
16 Apr 2022
New World Traditional Premium Buns

We purchased the premium buns from New World for $8.99 and they are a thumbs up. Of course this one should be compared to cafe hot cross buns or should be in the premium category.

Susan A.
13 Apr 2022
Store Dependant??

We purchased Hot Cross buns from our local Countdown and New World stores and the New World ones are far superior! In fact we wondered if they had been mixed up in your survey! The New World buns have more spice and are bigger, although we have noticed the size has improved with Countdown with our last lot. Does this mean that production depends on the location of the store?

12 Apr 2022
Countdown - New World Hot Cross Bund

We purchased hot cross buns from our local Countdown and compared them with the ones from New World
The buns from Countdown were nice but we found the ones from New World had citrus in them that just gave them the edge as the better bun

Amanda W.
11 Apr 2022
Coupland's Hot Cross Buns are the best

Coupland's HC Buns are flavourful and substantial enough to top with butter and marmalade or ginger jam for a fabulous feast. Find Coupland's Bakeries all over the South Island. North Island locations are only Hamilton, Rotorua & Tauranga to date. They also freeze well for months. Try them you won't be disappointed!

Kelly T.
10 Apr 2022
Countdown Increased their price by 50 cents!!!

We love Countdown: Traditional hot cross buns, we bought some on Saturday 2 April at $3.50. Read the review on Friday and did our shopping yesterday and they are now $4.00 a packet. That's just a crazy increase with no justification!!

David P.
09 Apr 2022

Should have included at least one home made sample.

Justine M.
09 Apr 2022
After years of searching....

Countdown traditional hot cross buns are definitely the best. I spent $14 on a 6 pack from an award winning bakery the other day and all my kids cried horror at how they were so much worse than our normal Countdown ones. In the end they refused to eat them and the chickens had them. After years of searching, they are all I buy now. And I agree with the panel - begone chocolate, you have no place in a Hot Cross Bun!

Adrienne C.
09 Apr 2022
Pricing at Countdown

Yesterday I purchased a 6 pack of Traditional Hot Cross Buns from Countdown. Price was $4 not $3.50 as quoted by Consumer and the NZ Herald this morning.

Paul W
09 Apr 2022
Best: Countdown: Traditional hot cross buns ??

Not in the town where I live. Small little things and 3 bites and they're gone.

Denise O.
09 Apr 2022

Agree totally that supermarket hot cross buns are rubbish. Surely spices and lemon peel don't cost that much. Why leave them out? As for various flavours now being offered. THEY ARE NOT hot cross buns. We too now make our own. Have found a local baker that bakes his own and they are great.

Jane M.
09 Apr 2022
Where is the peel??

A hot cross bun is a fail for me if the fruit does not include peel. Sadly many fail on this ingredient.

Ruth N.
09 Apr 2022
More fruit & spice

I live in the South Island and have to say that during hot cross bun season I shop at New World a lot more than usual just because I love their hot cross buns. In comparison to me Countdown ones are dry without enough fruit and spice. I guess it's all a matter of taste buds 😀

09 Apr 2022
Where is the lemon and orange peel?

None seem to have it anymore - traditionally its currants and spice and peel!

Jane M.
09 Apr 2022
New World

New World put peel in their buns.

Jenny W.
09 Apr 2022
Real HotX buns

To me, a Hot X bun shld have spice & lots of fruit. I do not want peanut butter, chocolate, brioche et al. Last year made my own. Not that hard & delicious. Will repeat the exercise this year.

David & Leonie P.
09 Apr 2022
Probably should have included

Perhaps including Bakers Delight would be appropriate as it is fairly mainline like the brands you did include.

08 Apr 2022
Non-supermarket buns?

It'd be nice to know about some actual bakeries.