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3 June 2015

Supermarket store-brands

Why are Countdown’s private label brands cheaper in Australia?

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Laraine B.
21 May 2016
It doesn't surprise me; we are ripped off in all areas

We must be the only country in the world that believes its products should cost more at home than they do in the countries where we export them. That is positively shameful.

Gerard T.
13 Feb 2016
Trans-Tasman disparities in home brand prices

There is no reasonable explanation for some of the massive disparities cited in the article and comments. But remember that in Australia most food items (notable exceptions are confectionery and beverages) are free of GST. So those prices have to be compared with a New Zealand price that includes an additional 15% on the freight-addeed Australian price..

Previous member
06 Jun 2015
ripped off

PR bull dust from countdown. Simple fact is a lack of real competition. When the price differe by over 200% you know its not fluctuation.... I now shop more often at pak n save.

Lynsie Anne M.
06 Jun 2015
Go to Pak n Save

Countdown is the more overpriced option.
3 tips;
1. go to Pack n Save
2. shop smart
3. budget so you have a bit of cash in hand to take advantage of specials that you will need later

Richard P.
06 Jun 2015
Another tip to add to Lynsie's

The other thing to do is to shop for fruit and vegetables at a specialist greengrocer - Fruitworld or similar