December 2021

Unfashionable: NZ clothing labels risk misleading consumers about their sustainability claims

What you need to know about green clothing claims.

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Susan D.
27 Dec 2021
No surprises there

Its no surprise when the likes of The Warehouse/ KMart/ Glassons are found to be advertising more than we get but you don’t get a silk purse for the price of a sows ear! What’s more disappointing is the “high fashion” labels jumping on this band wagon. They already charge for their “name” while undermining their customers intelligence with these false claims. It would be really helpful to know if we have ANY retailers/providers who do in fact meet the claims they make and are worthy of our support??

John B.
25 Dec 2021
BCI US propaganda organisation

This organisation was created to assist US domination of the cotton industry.
Funded by US government and USAID.
Don't be lazy do your research
On March 26, 2021, the BCI Shanghai representative office said it found no evidence of forced labor in Xinjiang. The office stated that since 2012, the Xinjiang project site has performed second-party credibility audits and third-party verifications over the years, to reach their findings.[18] BCI subsequently removed its October 2020 statement from its website regarding the ceasing of field-level activities in Xinjiang.[19

Lynsie Anne M.
25 Dec 2021
Thanks for clarifying

This was a good well researched piece and very easy to understand.
It is easy to understand K Mart, Glassons ,Warehouse etc selling cheap stuff with a dodgy provenance but mostly they don't declare their woke credentials too much. It's quite another thing for expensive, high end fashion companies selling stuff again with a dodgy provenance but declaring their "green" credentials which are sometimes outright lies.
Thank you for shining a light on all this.

Trevor B
04 Dec 2021
Bamboo clothing is mostly NOT environmentally friendly

The latest ECO rage is products labelled Bamboo. A little bit of exploration online soon showed that the product is nearly always Rayon (it may be called Viscose but that is the same end product). While the harvesting of bamboo may be sustainable and ecologically OK, the usual chemical process of converting it to rayon is absolutely not. For more info see
As usual, bamboo textiles are largely greenwash - maybe better than rayon from wood or cotton but still not good.

Heather B.
04 Dec 2021

Good on you Consumer for helping to clarify and bring to our notice these companies not only ripping us off but abetting the use of non compliant businesses.