Portrait of cyclist sitting in front of modern coffee house and browsing Internet on smartphone.
August 2021

Sustainable phones

A new generation of smartphones are jostling for the smallest environmental footprint.

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Chris B.
14 Aug 2021
The little phone that could

My 2014 iphone SE 64GB has finally started having intermittent battery problems.
It has been dropped onto concrete several times, (I even had to file off the roughened edges a couple of times) it has bounced off my steel tractor footplate
onto shingle and or dirt several times and has never cracked the screen or missed
a beat. It has never had a cover or screen cover. What a phone!!! Chris B.

Brian H.
15 Aug 2021
iPhone SE

Agree - my SE is great, just the right size for pocket and does everything needed. Problem is battery, it now gets quite unreliable when down to 20-30 % suddenly it decides its actually 0% and shuts down. But not always, depends what apps are being used I think, perhaps how much they load the battery. I would definitely consider a new battery for it when it gets too bad, so long as priced reasonably