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11 April 2019

Tap to pay: What to know about paying by phone

Use your phone instead of your wallet.

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Mark H.
25 May 2019
Tap to pay doesn't work . . .

I use a wallet case for my phone so that along with my phone I have my driver's license, EFT-POS card & Visa debit card. I can't ditch the cards and use the phone because way too many places have a sign on their EFT-POS terminal that reads "No Paywave".

There have been articles in the newspaper giving details of companies ending their Paywave deals and saving a lot of money. I've been in large national chains like Burger King (and many others) and seen the "No Paywave" sign on their EFT-POS machine, this tells me that I definitely could not rely on Android Pay.

Maybe one day . . .

Wal Marshall
25 May 2019
Excellent convenient technology

I use Google Pay when I need to buy something and for whatever reason don't have my wallet with me. Impressively fast and simple. All transactions are logged and searchable on your phone.. No need for paper receipts. Excellent

David C.
14 May 2019
Cash is still king...

I still use cash: it's simpler to use, often quicker to transact, there are no technical issues, and no personal data is being given away to the transaction firm to on-sell to ever more creepily invasive advertisers. And as for going wallet-free: as far as I'm aware it's still a requirement to carry your driver's licence (if you're driving), with a potential $55 fine if you get pulled up without it.