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30 July 2015

Television sound quality

How to improve the sound from your TV.

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28 Jan 2021
Better TV sound on a budget

We have a Sony Bravia smart TV (model KD55X8500D) and a much older Panasonic Home Theatre system with no HDMI(ARC) sound input connection from the TV and did not want to spend a lot of money on a sound bar.

We could not directly connect the Digital TV to the Analog Panasonic Home Theatre system because the TV only has a Digital sound output connection so we purchased a 'Digital to Analog audio converter' (brand Taishan) for $39.00 cable included plus freight from Rapallo.

To use it I thought we may need to have gone into the TV's settings and make changes each time we wanted the sound transferred to the home theatre but it was just like 'plug and play'. All we need to do is turn the home theatre to AUX and the TV sound down (or off) and use the Home Theatre remote to adjust the sound level. It's made a huge difference in sound quality. Of cause the same ease of use may not apply to other TV models or makes?

Simon B.
20 Jan 2022
Use your own stereo - get a DAC

Thanks for the idea and info Doug. Very interesting and useful; something Consumer could have covered. If you did buy a good soundbar, you could have retired your stereo - just saying.