21may rising power prices hero
31 May 2021

The chill of rising power prices

What we pay for power continues to be a concern for many Kiwis.

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W A.
17 Jun 2021
Full dams cheaper power?

It's tough seeing Canterbury suffer floods but the upside is almost all the hydro dams are full this year. This is a good thing in winter right? Cheaper power bills are on the way...yeah right!

Structural I.
15 Jun 2021
Max Bradford's electricity reforms= Lower prices. Yeah, right

This from 1998: "In recent weeks, some power companies have run an eleventh-hour public relations campaign to worry consumers and confuse people into thinking the Government's reform package will put up their electricity bills. "This is nonsense," the Ministers (Bradford & Peters) said. "
How can private companies that need to return a shareholder dividend, provide competitive pricing? By neglecting maintenance. Otago now has a $1b bill to replace neglected power poles.
Auckland had 5 weeks of power outages caused by rusty D shackles at the Otahuhu substation- neglected maintenance.
NZ Steel has cut production due to highspot prices of electricty, and thousands of industrial jobs are at risk, and we became a dumping ground for cheap Communist steel.
You cannot have "green power" without dirty power to manufacture it. It takes coal to make EVs, solar panels and turbines; oil to make PVC coated eletrical wire and tyres for EV's; coal to make steel and oil refinery waste to seal our roads. EV batteries can't be yet recycled (US company Redwood has yet to prove it), and will be tomorrow's toxic waste problem.
The London School of Economics with its Jesuit intellectual thinktanks to privatise State assets and use offshore sweatshop instead of country of origin manufacturing, has led to economic disaster to all formerly prosperous countries that have followed it- like us.
The World Economic Forum is similarly run, and their slogan "Build back better," (Google that) echoed by almost all world leaders- like ours.

Insulate to the max and get off the grid if you can.

William O.
12 Jun 2021
Power price deception

A number of power companies advertise rates that are MINUS GST (without telling you that fact) in order to seem cheaper than others. Why are they allowed to quote in a retail market like this ? Surely that is illegal & deceptive !

Chris J.
12 Jun 2021

The cynic might note that while lake levels fluctuate (going up and down) but the prices only go one way....up. Yes it is about more than lake levels it is transmission costs etc but again....costs are going only one way. Anyone who has watched the movie “Smartest Guys in the Room” about the Enron business scandal and the way they manipulated the market by creating a power crisis to maximize profits has to be suspicious. I certainly am.

Bruce R.
12 Jun 2021

How many years have the suppliers been spilling water to increase profits? It'd be a safe bet that's happened many times over the years without comment.

Colin & Dianne M.
12 Jun 2021
The Need To Look Beyond Your Power Bill.

Your power bill is only part of of the energy issue. It is long overdue for examination of the the generators and distributors in the power supply chain. They are initially responsible for setting the price chain and the retailers are locked in to supply electricity at a price above what they can buy at wholesale to continue to survive to sell you your energy needs.

C P W.
12 Jun 2021
And what of the future?

Into this unstable environment we are being pushed towards electric cars. Can anyone conceive of the results of all our vehicles being plugged into the grid? It just won't work. There is a limit to how much coal we can import and burn and isn't that counter productive to our aims to limit carbon emission? Solar panels are not a long term solution either as no-one knows how to dispose of them safely. To balance our needs for power and our desire to rescue the planet we just may have to start thinking nuclear.