15 July 2022

The copper network is being withdrawn – here’s what you need to know

Telco providers such as Spark, Vodafone and 2degrees are ditching the old copper wires for new technology.

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B A S.
23 Jul 2022
Spark has saved me money

by ditching the landline and Uplan package and going fibre only which is $85 as against $101 beforehand. Same speed and Netflix is thrown in but if I want the premium Netflix it is $6 a month. Savings all up around $30 a month. Most of our friends have mobiles so no drama.

John M.
20 Jul 2022
Consumer Accuracy


Please provide accurate information to maintain credibility. The photo at the top looks like cable for high current applications. It definitely is not cable typically used for telephone communications which was almost always single copper wire covered in plastic and arranged in pairs - sometimes up to 3000 pairs.


Tony W.
19 Jul 2022
Wireless Broadband has been fine

Received advice from Spark that our VDSL connection would be turned off come Oct 2022. Although fibre has been available in our area for years, I've avoided it as I didn't want the driveway damaged with a fibre cable install, along with the unsightly box and wiring that goes along with fibre. That left wireless as the only reasonably priced option. Went with Vodafone & have been very happy. The speed does vary (I have measured it from time to time and it averages about 30Mbps/8Mbps) but we've never had a problem streaming Netflix etc. Install was simple as and to top it off, at $55/mth for 300Gb, its nearly half the cost of our old VDSL link & much cheaper than any similar spec fibre option.
And no, I don't work for Vodafone, I'm just a happy customer.

Maurice V.
18 Jul 2022
Chorus Broadband Checker

Checked and it doesn't seem to tell me that I am on wireless broadband. Also states; "if you're not a heavy Internet user, you could try a Chorus copper broadband connection". Curious?
I am quite happy with wireless broadband, with V.O.I.P., and want to stay with that when I move home later this year.
As with road vehicles delivering mail on footpaths for N.Z. Post, there are higher profits ahead for telecommunication companies. Government should ensure that they don't bully consumers into unnecessary services.

Ian D.
16 Jul 2022
No options

We don’t have fibre in our new subdivision. There is no copper service either. The wireless service is so overloaded that download speeds often drop below 1 MB/sec. We cant stream anything on TV and cannot use internet banking. Chorus have advised they will consider whether to install fibre in November this year and if they decide to, it will not happen until the end of 2023. The stopping of cheques means the only option we have is to visit the bank to pay any accounts.

David H.
16 Jul 2022
Wireless broadband

Why have you completely ignored commenting on wireless broadband after mentioning it in the intro? Sloppy?

Angela M.
16 Jul 2022
Elderly person bullied into accept wireless landline

My elderly mother lives in Naenae Lower Hutt. I am agent on her phone account. She hasn't had internet since my father went into a home and is now died. he was the only one able to use the computer/email. We were bullied into accepting wireless landline and have had no end of problems. Mum isn't able to use a mobile phone and easily gets confused. she only has cordless phones. The first battery back up was found to be a fire risk(i saw an article about it on Face book). They removed it. 2 years on after much hassle I got her onto Sparks vulnerable persons register and another battery back. Last week something went wrong. i am not sure if the landline went down or problem with battery. She was confused and upset. She also has medical alarm. after many phone calls a technician is going to pick up battery and test it. Don't know when a new one will be installed. I live in Nelson so can't just ago around there. Spark few days later rings me and doesn't 'get it' when i explain mum doesn't use cell phone or email and i don't live on same island (overseas call centre i think)

Claire V.
18 Jul 2022
Getting Help

Angela, Ihad a lot of problems with my VOIP phone Thye even expected me to set it up However Igot my grandson to come and try to sort it and had to put his name on the account However it has still not been plain sailing and Icontacted Consumer about it What Iam trying to sayis does your mother have a trusted person in her vicinity to help It is virtually impossible for we oldies to manage all this new stuff single handed Good luck

Angela M.
20 Jul 2022
Copper network

Spark has now offered my mother new copper connection with different phone number and new corded phone to use if power goes out. Free. Great but why was she pushed onto wireless landline 2 years ago??

Joanne S.
16 Jul 2022
This map

This feature does not appear to be up to date. I just checked my address and apparently, "this location is not within SFA*". I have fibre and have done for close to 2 months. The install was more painful than pulling teeth as no one actually communicates with each other.

Kim S.
16 Jul 2022
The Elderly and access to 111


Did you find out what is being offered to the elderly. I would imagine most would decline fibre (cost) and don't feel they need a mobile phone (not even a prepay). What happens when they need emergency services?

Paul A.
16 Jul 2022
Copper is being decommissioned but we have no fibre on our rural Rd

I'm currently with Vodafone but Spark have the only cell tower with good enough signal for our address to be able to have a wireless internet connection.
However, Spark will only let us have the minimum connection of 40GB.
This is due to the cell tower not having enough capability I am told!
Rural folk being screwed over yet again.
Should not be decommissioning anything until the infrastructure is in place!!

Anthony L.
16 Jul 2022
Area not covered

I live in Arvida Mary Doyle, off Karanema Drive, Havelock North. The Arvida IT team are providing a fibre network but for some parts of the village are keeping the copper network