January 2022

The easiest way to remove hair from your vacuum cleaner brush

An easy way to cut hair that’s become tangled around your vacuum cleaner brush head.

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Dom H.
12 Mar 2022
Not tested

More and mare vacuums now come with anti-tangling functions, its become my number 1 feature to look for when buying. Is there a good reason why Consumer do not check this in their testing?

Diane G.
29 Jan 2022
Getting hair and cotton out of brushes and vacuum brushes

I use my stitch unpicker to 'snip' the caught-up hairs. Works well and is cheap.

Bruce M.
28 Jan 2022
Shark Navigator ZU62 avoids hair wrap (human or pet)

If looking for a new vacuum cleaner the SHARK NAVIGATOR PET VACUUM WITH SELF CLEANING BRUSHROLL - ZU62 avoids hair wrap all together. I'm happy with mine. See description and video at