2 June 2022

NZ Traveller Declaration: What to do if you don't have a smartphone

A paper option is available for those without a device or internet access.

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19 Jun 2022
Extremely exhausting and stressful situation

My husband and I in our late 70's and 80's recently travelled from Italy & tried to fill out the NZTraveler Declaration form on line and upload Rat tests . We spent 2 hours the day before departure getting assistance from fellow guests uploading our NZ Covid injection QR codes and then at least 2 hours from the kindness of complete strangers trying to upload a RAT test prior to boarding. It was extremely stressful as no help was available from staff at Florence airport . We were running late for check-in despite having arrived at the airport 5 hours before departure . Fortunately these strangers whom I call 'angels ' did finally manage to get us sorted but even they had difficulty as my husband's QR code on his Rat test was not good quality . We phoned the help line but got no answer. The whole procedure spoilt the last 2 days of our holiday and we would like the authorities to know that in future more work needs to be done on making the process easier especially for elderly travellers many of whom like ourselves are not 'tech savvy '. We are really disgusted that it took so much effort to get home having done all the right things to keep ourselves and everyone else safe . The system needs a major overhaul.
Sincerely, Mary Talbot.

Christopher B.
07 Jun 2022
Very stressful

When we returned from Sydney in April, the night before our flight we tried about 4 - 5 times to attach the results of our RATs test but it kept rejecting it. I ended up taking a picture on my phone of the RATs test and attached it before it finally went thru. If you can't upload it, you won't get your Traveler's Pass. You can't check in without a Traveler's Pass. Very stressful.

Robert S.
04 Jun 2022
Departure Forms

The form to enter Australia is much less intuitive than the NZ one for returning - it took me three times as long to complete and must be done in the 72 hours before you fly whereas the NZ one may be completed 28 days before your return date.

John v.
04 Jun 2022

The app is very clunky, resets itself, only accepts certain attachments and was exceptionally frustrating to use. I had everything complete prior to leaving nz so that all I had to do was add the pre departure RAT result at Sydney airport. After more than hour trying to attach it, being forced to re-enter previously correct data I asked for a paper application which took all of 2 minutes to complete and doesn’t ask for 80% of the information. We were a family of 5 and all had issues of some sort.

Anita W.
04 Jun 2022
Couldn’t attach RAT result on iPhone

I filled out NZ traveller declaration form weeks prior and retrieved saved online form.
Yesterday I flew BCN-DXB. When I tried to attach RAT result doc the + did not work.

This caused panic as I did RAT at BCN airport and needed to checkin.
I rang NZ number and they sent me confirmation anyway.
So even with iPhone literacy, online form is NOT reliable.

At least I could phone NZ number and they answered promptly. Keep emergency contact no. handy.

The Emirates checkin Q was 1.5 hours because passengers had not filled in required covid forms correctly so it’s not just NZ form.
This seems the new normal for travelling during covid.