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21 September 2020

The risks of getting your nails done

There’s a dark side to manicures and pedicures.

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Barbara J.
27 Sep 2020
Nail Salon

Never had a problem with my toe nails. For a special occasion visited a nail salon to have my toe nails painted. I removed the nail polish and a few weeks later realised I had a fungal infection in my toes nails. Never been to a nail salon again.

Malcolm H.
29 May 2021
Fungal nails.

My wife had the exact same problem and now doesn't go near a nail salon. It took forever to heal.

Jenny W.
26 Sep 2020
Nail bars

Wldn’t touch one of these places with a barge pole, if the hygiene isn’t top notch it’s not worth the risk. I do my own nails with good quality base coat & topcoat regularly, my nails are in good nick. You can spot fake nails a mile away.

Jenny M.
26 Sep 2020
Nail Salons

I get my nails done every 3 weeks or so at a nail salon and have never given it a second thought but after reading your article I’m not sure my salon’s practices are up to scratch! Thanks for the info - I’ll definitely be keeping a closer eye on the hygiene aspect from now on! 😁