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8 November 2021

The Warehouse Christmas Club extended by a month

Christmas comes early for The Warehouse Christmas Club members.

The Warehouse has announced that, due to Covid restrictions, it’s extending how long its Christmas Club members can use their savings.

Store savings clubs are a way to ease the pocket pain during the festive season. With The Warehouse’s offering, members put money in throughout the year, which can then only be spent during a certain period. They also get a 5% discount on their goodies. The card is only valid for in-store purchases and usually expires at the end of December.

A company spokesperson told us that, in light of Covid-19 restrictions, The Warehouse has been working through how it can ensure club members can make the most of their savings.

“As a number of our stores haven’t been able to open in some areas, we’ve extended the redemption period by an extra month for all members. Customers can start shopping from now until 31 January 2022. The 5% discount will apply to the extended period.”

Club members who are unable to visit a store because of alert level 3 restrictions or are in areas where stores are closed during the extended redemption period can request a refund. You’ll need to provide your post code as proof you can’t shop in-store.

We’re keen to find out how you take the pocket pain out of Christmas spending. Email [email protected] with your tips.

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