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27 October 2023

The washing machine brand our experts would avoid

There’s one brand of washing machine that we think you should keep walking past if you’re buying a new one anytime soon.

It’s Haier – all the washing machines we’ve tested from the brand linger near the bottom of our results.

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Its cheapest model is just $594, but anyone thinking they’ve found a bargain should know it gets one of our lowest scores for washing performance. It’s very rough on clothes and doesn’t let you adjust the spin speed.

Haier’s more expensive top loaders and front loaders don’t score much better. The dearest was $1,630 and it gets an overall score of 59%. There are much cheaper models by other brands that get our Recommended tick.

We ask our members how reliable their appliances are and how satisfied they are with the purchase. Haier owners reported more faults than average and were less satisfied than owners of other brands. We take reliability and satisfaction ratings into account when scoring washing machine models.

The two best washing machine brands in New Zealand

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