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11 November 2022

This smart mug keeps your drink at precisely the right temperature

The Ember Mug2 is a $250 Bluetooth-connected cup with a rechargeable battery. I hope you’re enjoying modern capitalism.

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Lloyd B.
29 May 2023

A well insulated pot takes 24 hours to significantly cool down or heat up, I make a pot of tea 4 times a day and adjust the temperature with varying amounts of milk.

Rachel R.
25 Feb 2023

Hilarious. I did not expect a product review to be this clever and zoom out to a bigger context. Thanks and congratulations!

Kirsti Y.
12 Nov 2022

Nick, you should write all the reviews on this site - I appreciate your sense of humour. I would never buy this, but I love reading your take on it. Thanks!

Kas S.
12 Nov 2022

on freakin reviews and thought it was cool but now not at that price. I can get a great quality brand new tyre on my car cheaper than that.

Maurice V.
12 Nov 2022

Felt buyer's remorse before I even considered buying it. If a drink gets cold, which is unlikely, have a microwave oven to reheat it. Don't want a bigger kitchen for extra stuff.

M M.
12 Nov 2022

I've had mine for four years. I handwash it and it comes up fine. Yes the price is silly, but this is worth even more than $250 to me. A cup of tea that stays hot for an hour (or two with a silicone lid on it) – it was transformational for me as a sleepwalking new parent. Four years later I'm still using it every day.

Your Highness
12 Nov 2022

Or just stuff an envelope with $250 worth of reserve bank vouchers, and allow the giftee to decide their highest spending priority (which could include buying the smart mug, or chipping a bit off the mortgage!).

Brian L.
12 Nov 2022

How do you wash it?

Frank - Consumer staff
21 Nov 2022

Hi Brian,

It's totally hand washable. You just have to roll up your sleeves and scrub it the old-fashioned way.

Kind regards,
Frank - Consumer NZ staff