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Carol J.
22 Nov 2019
Tciketmaster tickets and poor venue maps for seat locations

Ticketmaster state they provide interactive maps showing layout & seat locations but the Mt Smart venue map for Elton John is a PDF only, with blocks shown but not rows or seat numbers. There is no key to identify area pricing splits and nothing to inform about how rows and seats are set out i.e A being the front row etc. When I rang Ticketmaster, I was informed by the call center that "this is the only map the promoter has supplied" and that there was no interactive map. They offered to tell me over the phone approximately where the seats were but I don't think this is good enough. Ticketmaster state in their FAQs that they supply interactive seat maps and for them to say they weren't given one is a pathetic excuse. Likewise, how can you work out the "value" of your seat if you really don't know what you're getting, let alone dispute that your $338 ticket at row F 1-2 is so far off to the side that you don't get the view you thought you'd paid for. Not even "Its a little bit Funny". Sorry Elton, your promoters are letting you down by this slack service at Ticketmaster.

Maree G.
02 Feb 2018
Neil Diamond ticket refunds

Anyone else having problems getting a FULL refund? Ticketek say they will refund insurance paid where applicable (I note they now say 'where relevant'). I've had the ticket price refunded but not the insurance of nearly $50 and they are not replying to my emails.
Anyone else having issues??