2 March 2022

Check your travel insurance policy covers Covid-19 cancellations

What to ask your travel insurer if you're heading overseas.

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Frances S.
16 Apr 2022
Found cover, booked, didn't qualify

I found what looked like reasonable covid travel insurance via Air NZ, went to book it, but then found I didn't qualify (over 60, just). So bummed. But might be worth looking at for the under 60's out there.

Paul S.
22 Apr 2022
Doesn't cover everything

I just looked at Air NZs travel insurance, but Jacinda is a bit trigger happy and could close the border at very short notice leaving people stranded overseas, and Air New Zealands travel insurance, like other travel insurance offered by the likes of BNZ doesn't cover government issued border closures or MIQ. It's still very risky to travel overseas at the moment, especially to or from New Zealand.

Stephen e.
02 Apr 2022
what are the best travel insurance products

like the other people commenting. i am really looking for travel insurance policies: who offe3rs good policies, who offers bad policies. how do we know the best policies to buy ?

Lucy Lastic
26 Apr 2022
Compare Travel Insurance

Avoid Compare Travel Insurance. When I googled for travel insurance they came up. After taking basic details - where, when, age - four results appeared. TINZ comprehensive insurance, TINZ comprehensive plus, Zoom and another Zoom, more pricey. Weirdly, all reviews showed 4.3 stars out of 5. When I struck trouble moving through their site, eg no submit or save or continue links on some pages, the only way to contact them was through a Contact form, and this resulted in an automated response. I've received no other communication. I googled them and TINZ and Zoom both fall under The Travel Geeks Ltd, in Australia. Shoddy, or maybe even shady in my opinion although having read their policy T's and C's (86 pages) they seemed ok. But then I'm just an ordinary consumer. What do I know?

It would be interesting to hear if other Consumer members have used them.

Gwen R.
31 Mar 2022
Comparisons please

It would have been more helpful to have ended this article with the top five insurance policies.

Chris R.
16 Mar 2022
Good advice but...

There are numerous travel insurance policies in the market place. It would be helpful if Consumer compared various travel insurance policies to identify what Covid events (and other pandemic related clauses) are specifically covered i.e in line with the questions raised in this article. With the war in the Ukraine, it would also be helpful to see an analysis of cover should the war / unrest expand wider. I'm vaguely aware war may be excluded in some policies.

Carmen J.
22 Mar 2022
Travel insurance comparison update

I agree, an update on the travel insurance evaluation / comparison would be great and timely with all the changes going on at the moment.

Robert W.
26 Mar 2022
I agree

I would be great if Consumer NZ would do a comparison of Covid cover, or not, by insurance companies.