Updated January 2022

Trial: "As seen on TV" Instachill evaporative cooler

Don’t get sucked in by the promise of instant cool air and saving hundreds of dollars each month. Living in our climate, an evaporative cooler is unlikely to be right for you.

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Kane D.
27 Feb 2022
Waste of Money

Great review, however I feel that your overall result isn't worded strongly enough... Just say it "They are an utter waste of money and are a completely useless product in NZ". They are advertised on TV with one of the key selling points is that they cost so little to run per hour compared to a Heat Pump on cooling mode... The problem is that the very consumers that are likely to get sucked into buying these will be the poor who can't afford to be duped into spending $500 on this, let alone the cost of a Consumer subscription to find out they're useless. This is also on top of the fact that it's the poorer in society that already struggle with homes that are cold and damp anyway.

Susan T.
25 Jan 2021
Lucked out

Please please, we are kiwi's. We say our luck is in, not lucked out. Lucked out means the opposite here.

As for the Instachill, a friend had a problem and rung the company. They asked her to remove the back and check the pads. The pads should be wet or damp and her ones were dry which meant the unit was faulty.

Barry N.
24 Jan 2021
Ban them!

Evaporative air coolers and unflued LPG heaters, should be banned in NZ if the Government is serious about Healthy Homes standards. Both these appliances are moisture makers.

Barry N.
24 Jan 2021
Moisture Maker

So much for Healthy Homes standards. The moisture this appliance introduces effectively negates other measures to keep our homes dry and free of dampness and mould.

Lloyd B.
24 Jan 2021
Wiki and BRANZ support

Try reading Wiki and BRANZ for a better understanding. In dry areas, built in evaporative coolers are half the cost of heat pumps, and one eighth the cost to run.

Allan B.
24 Jan 2021
Red and black country (Canterbury)

Very disappointed in your lack of understanding of New Zealands diverse climate which happens to vary dramatically in different regions in the the mainland there is a mountain range called the southern Alps which to the east will often create areas of extremely low humidity and respectfully suggest it could be a good learning curve to set a evaporative cooler up in a room experiencing a howling nor wester outside, let me assure you the additional humidity is appreciated

David M.
23 Jan 2021
Too biased

There most definitely are hot, dry places in NZ. I live in Marlborough which has very low humidity on many summer days. Evaporative cooling works. Just not as well as true Aircon.

Noel B.
23 Jan 2021

Great piece of research and analysis! Confirms my suspicions. Thanks Consumer

23 Jan 2021
Mitre 10’s equivalent

We bought Mitre 10’s version of Instachill. It’s great if you have it beside you and you’re not watching TV or talking to anyone in the room. Our ceiling fan is much more effective.