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9 June 2020

Use your ceiling fan for cheaper heating

Using a ceiling fan alongside your heater can save you money and make you feel more comfortable.

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M T.
31 May 2021
Power is not the same as energy. This matters!

Please, get your physics understanding of power (kW) and energy (kWh) up to scratch. Some of what you are writing and claiming to measure makes no sense at all. That calls into question much of the advice you are giving here. For a professional customer advice service that's pretty shocking and disappointing to be honest. No offense meant, but this is really not good enough.

Geoffrey H.
14 Jun 2020
Heat pump as fan

I've used my high ceiling mounted heat pump on Fan mode each winter for this purpose sucessfully for years. I have a wood burner and once it's lit and putting out the heat, I switch the heat pump to fan-only mode and direct the louvers downwards. Makes for a warmer room faster. I do the same with the heat pump in the hallway to move the wood burner heat throughout the house.
(If you stand on a stool and put your hand up near the ceiling, you get a sense of the amount of trapped heat up there.)

Leslie O.
20 Jun 2020
Circulating Heat

Use our Heat Pump fan the same. Leave door to hall open and in helps heat rest of house to a higher temp. Particularly overnight.

Vivian N.
14 Jun 2020
Ceiling fan to help create more even heat in a room

We took up your recommendation the evening we read how beneficial ceiling fans can be in distributing heat from heaters. We have a high stud and a heat pump and sure enough, the room was quickly so much more comfortable and we soon lowered the temperature setting of the heat pump. It works, and am sorry we didn't think up the idea!

13 Jun 2020
Apparently only works if you have flat ceilings

I looked into this some time ago, as I have very high pitched ceilings. The existing fan has no winter mode. I asked the fan installation people, and they said it wasn't worth replacing existing fan with a reverse cycle one for that reason. Be interested to know if anyone else has had similar advice

Bonnie C.
14 Jun 2020
Works great on cathedral ceiling

I've always used fans in upward (winter) mode for my high ceilings. Works great. I can't imagine why someone would say it wouldn't.

Rachel K.
13 Jun 2020
Fans without winter mode?

Great graphic of the temperature gradient. How much would the turbulence from a ceiling fan on low without winter mode help? Or can I get an electrician to replace the switch to offer a winter mode in the existing fan?

Diane K.
13 Jun 2020
High pitch

We had a fan in a house with a steep pitch many years ago and found it made a big difference. we had a woodburner. It may depend on where the fan is placed. Try using it the summer mode anyway. Check on the side of the fan itself above the blades, that's where the switch for winter mode will be.

Consumer staff
15 Jun 2020
Fans without winter mode?

Hi Rachel,
We didn't try out a non-winter mode with our fan but I think it would still work really well if you use your fan on it's lowest setting. It'd be an interesting winter experiment for you to try on consecutive cold nights to see if it makes a real difference in your home.
I'm not too sure if an electrician can make those adjustments for you, the fan model itself might not be able to do it, but it's probably worth giving them a call to find out.
Kind regards
James le Page - Technical writer

Dawn B.
13 Jun 2020
Great tip

Thanks. This makes sense and sounds like a good option to boost heating.

Leslie O.
20 Jun 2020
Circulating Heat

Brought some cheap thermometers and have placed them round the house so can see what warm airflow difference it makes. Up to 5 deg. in back of house. Only !00 m2..