Man pouring coffee from thermos flask to his father while they're camping.
Research report
13 November 2020

Which vacuum flasks work best?

We trialled eight flasks and found some kept their temperature better than others.

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Ruth Gilbert & Terry Pinfold
14 Nov 2020
Particular flask performance

Please specify which particular flask kept drinks at a temperature greater than 50 degrees for how many hours. Then we will know which flask to buy if we want a flask that will keep drinks hot for a long time

Consumer staff
17 Nov 2020
Re: Particular flask performance

Hi Ruth and Terry,

You can see the full breakdown of results in the table - namely, columns 'Stays hot at ambient 5 degrees (hours)' and 'Stays hot at ambient 22 degrees (hours). Hope this helps.

Kind regards,
Frank - Consumer NZ staff

Chris A.
15 Sep 2021
Where the comparison table

Supposedly there is a comparison table, but I can't find it anywhere.
Where is it?

Ron T.
14 Nov 2020
Second Cup

Have been looking for a quality mid range Stainless flask with two identical cups - Had one years ago, but nothing to be seen these days - Any ideas?