16 February 2022

Can you shop sustainably at The Warehouse?

We investigate what the red shed's sustainability claims really mean.

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Y M.
20 Feb 2022
Cheap goods win over their litany of appalling behavior & claims

Remember when The Warehouse Group assumed they were an 'essential service' when Covid hit? Remember how they have chosen not to repay all of the subsidies they claimed from the government for Covid losses while still laying off staff, closing stores and cutting staff hours? Remember how most of the staff are on minimum wages with little management support and career advancement?

This is just another claim that doesn't stack up and they get away. Why? Consumerism. People care more about their comfort today than about the planet tomorrow. Who is holding companies like this accountable? Imagine if there was a requirement on all retailers that they must take back all packaging they chose to sell with their products? Whilst we'd likely see a quick adoption of the excuse to pass the cost to the consumer - likely far more than the costs incurred or warranted - we'd also likely see a major reduction in packaging very quickly.

Why do we keep waiting for retailers to do the right thing? At the end of the day they are a business - not a social club or environmental cause. Regardless of what they say. We need to keep educating the younger generation that their choices matter, and their choices extend to materialism and consumerism.

19 Feb 2022
Not good enough!

The Warehouse ad reveals one very important truth: many people care enough about sustainability to factor it into their spending decisions. But what the Warehouse Group is doing is nowhere near good enough when 87% of the goods on its shelves have NO sustainable features at all!
If the issue was food safety, or products that included banned substances, would they be taking 3 years to (partially) deal with it?
But if Trade Aid, for instance, can use home compostable packaging for almost all its goods (while paying fair prices to the people who produce them) what justification does the Warehouse have?
There are better places to shop, and I'll be going to them.

B A S.
19 Feb 2022
Once a place of bargains

but taken over by Mitre10 and Briscoes type outlets.

19 Feb 2022
A good start

Agreed, not a big fan of the consumer crap at The Warehouse. However, I commend them for starting the process. Even if they are only doing a little, and not enough, it's still more than K-Mart and other competitors