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22 June 2023

We’ve made it easy to compare solar buy-back rates

Our Powerswitch website can do more than work out the best power plan for you. If you have solar panels, you can now easily see which company will pay the most for the power you sell back to the grid.

Finding the best solar buy-back rate is as easy as checking our list of what retailers are paying. And with a difference of 10c per kWh between the best and worst price, it literally pays to check before signing up.

Powerswitch manager Paul Fuge said the buy-back rate had shot up over recent years, with some retailers paying a lot more than others.

“It was between 8c and 10c for ages, and everyone was about the same, but then retailers like Octopus Energy came in at 17c. But other retailers have woken up and are catching up as well,” Fuge said.

Currently the highest rate available is 17c/kWh on a fixed-term contract with Octopus or Meridian.

Fuge suggested using the buy-back rate list in conjunction with the website’s calculator that shows the cheapest power plans.

“It’s a balance between what you’ll earn for your power and what you’ll pay them when you have to use theirs,” he said.


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