What are my rights after buying a faulty car?

Here’s our guide to your rights if a car deal goes wrong.

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Susan O.
07 Aug 2022
Purchasing a car.

Why is it so few people don't know that unless otherwise agreed the seller of a car, even privately, must have a new warrant of fitness put on the car just before sale.

Andrew O.
06 Aug 2022
Sometimes there are great dealers too!

We had a new car that had a serious electrical fault that was intermittent and difficult to pin down. We thought it was repaired, but after the third inconvenient failure in two years, wrote the magic words "not fit for purpose".

Armstrong Nissan bent over backwards to help. We had had loan cars throughout. In the end we negotiated a two year newer replacement, and all our reasonable costs to that date were covered as well.

Both they and we knew that we could have taken the cash equivalent, but a negotiated deal suited us very well as it was the make and model of car we wanted. All in all it was win-win, and we remain happy customers.