Bitcoin cryptocurrency
Research report
9 April 2019

Cryptocurrency explained

Still confused about cryptocurrencies? We crack the code for you.

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Gavin B.
24 Jul 2021
Please update

Can this article please be updated? :-)

David C.
18 Apr 2019
A Smidge Risky

Given the huge fluctuations in values, bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency looks wildly speculative.

It also looks like the real money has been made by the people who got in first - pretty much like any investment market.

I also can't help but wonder about the effect - assuming someone can figure out how to actually make it work - of quantum computing on mining. An entity that can do that, and prevent others from accessing the technology, would occupy the high ground in crypto currencies - among a lot of other things.

Fraser B.
22 Apr 2019
a Ponzi scheme by any other name.

The people who create the cryptocurrency are the ones who profit. To everyone else, it is just a Ponzi scheme as there is nothing behind the currency. Unlike currency of a country which has the GDP behind the currency, the cryptocurrency is really made out of nothing. So when someone pays for it, they are paying the creator of it. How it subsequently trades is irrelevant to the creator who makes all the profit. Then it is just a case of how long it holds any value before it goes pear-shaped, and of the thousands of cryptocurrencies out there, most have already gone pear-shaped.