June 2022

What’s important when buying detergents?

To find out what is important when buying laundry and dishwasher detergent, we surveyed everyday New Zealanders.

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Linda C.
27 Jun 2022
Sunlight soap & hand washing dishes & clothes

The liquid is more convenient (esp. for washing windows!) BUT the Sunlight soap bars can virtually be adapted to clean anything. Don't have a dishwasher these days, but ends of bar soap soaked in water produced a handy "goo" which I have successfully used in my washing machine, plus added to warm/hot water for cleaning everything from dishes to sinks, showers, taps etc. Using a cloth or brush with bar soap, or rubbing the bar on stains in fabric, works for just about everything, and cuts down on the need for so many produts in my house! AND my sensitive skin has no issues with it in any form.

Kate A.
29 Jun 2022
Use of Sunlight soap

I also use Sunlight soap for grubby collars & cuffs of shirts & for stain removal generally & would use it in my top loader washing machine converted to gel. Years ago I had a metal / wire container that held the soap, using it for dish washing. I wonder if they can still be purchased?

Susan S.
25 Jun 2022
Personal Reasons for Choosing?

My primary consideration when buying laundry detergent is "Will it result in a itchy skin rash that I could have for weeks?"; my second consideration is whether it will work in hard water. Any other consideration comes next. By the way Persil is the worst for causing a skin rash, even the "sensitive skin" variant. This indicates to me that it must be seriously high in skin-irritant ingredients.

Paul K.
25 Jun 2022
Detergent type and brand

It all depends on what is put in the machines. The dirtier the items, the stronger the detergent required. We have a small variety of detergents, selection motivated by efficiency and price. Detergent selection depends on what goes in the machine. Basic daily crockery and cutlery without meat fat doesn’t require the most expensive detergent.