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2 February 2021

What the Climate Change Commission recommendations could mean for your renovation

Proposal to ban new gas connections from 2025.

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John Boyes
15 Mar 2021
Hot air and gas.

Don't worry about the gas supply, in the SI we use bottled gas and it works well. Australia will be pleased to export gas when we need it. A bit like generating electricity from coal imported from Indonesia, great for all those battery cars, to bad for the NZ coal industry.

Kim B.
17 Feb 2021
Reneweable gas?

I'm hoping some source of renewable gas becomes available i.e. from a biological source

Elke M.
10 Feb 2021
What about off grid and the gas fitting industry?

We are completely off grid, relying on solar panels with battery storage and therefore don't run any high powered appliances. We have a gas stove/gas oven to do all the cooking and baking and we also have solar hot water. In winter we use our wood burner (which also has an oven part) for heating, hot water, cooking and baking. For us there is no option to change to electric/induction or similar cooking. First we are asked to save energy and then when we do, suddenly the cost of the alternatives go up.
Also these new regulations will impact on gasfitters and their jobs will become redundant. Not sure who advises the government, but that has certainly not been thought through.

Elke M.
10 Feb 2021
...re: "You'd think plumbers would know this?

I'm sad to read this comment, my husband is a plumber and unfortunately they are not "in the know" as Maria is suggesting. He hasn't been informed any more than the general public, the Plumbers Board has sent through the same information on the same day as the public was told in the news. I'm sure if Maria's plumber would have known, he would have informed her about it. So please, don't jump to conclusions without getting the correct information first.

Maria Conlon
08 Feb 2021
You'd think plumbers would know this?

My mother has had a new hot water cylinder as the old one had finally died (after a good 50 years or so) and the plumber fitted a new one, which is also run on gas. She mentioned the fact gas was possibly no longer going to be used in a few years and here is an article maybe confirming it - you would think a plumber would know these things? A bit brassed off really.

Douglas S S.
08 Feb 2021
Gas is not about to be turned off

No new connections means just that - in a few years there will be no new houses connected up. But gas will still flow and water heaters will still work (who knows at what price though). The plumber presumably did not know what the Commission was going to recommend let alone what the Government will actually do, so he/she should not be blamed.

But a little foresight and knowledge of climate change science might have made your mother cautious; I certainly have planned on putting in a heat pump water heating system when my gas one fails, or may be sooner. There is some personal responsibility required for keeping up with what is going on though, and making decisions accordingly.

roy s.
07 Feb 2021
Global emissions

China is currently constructing 6 new coal fired power plants, slated to be some of the largest on the planet. I believe that they and India merely pay lip service to the Paris agreement, while most of the other signatories are acting with integrity. The ability to buy and sell carbon credits is just a dodge that moves responsibility around.

Douglas S S.
07 Feb 2021

Yes, they may be constructing such power stations. If they were replacing old, inefficient ones, that is a gain for reduction of CO2 as they will be emitting less. Also, China is making great strides in constructing renewable power sources - wind and solar - to replace their reliance on fossil fuel sources.

India I am not so sure about.

Anna R.
06 Feb 2021
Comparison of expected lifetime of product should be included

We are considering the replacement of an instant gas hot water heater. We looked at the heat pump hot water heaters and were shocked to find the heat pump is only guaranteed for 5 years. They are a considerable amount of money for an expected 5 year life. Similarly we've heard of solar panel hot water only lasting 10 years. Please could you factor that in to future reports? As I'm sure the carbon impact of manufacturing these products and disposing of them should they break irreparably should be calculated also. Thanks

Ralph C.
12 Feb 2021
water heating solutions

Your comment is bang on! We have a continuous flow HW heater that was already 5 or so years old when we purchased our home in 2009. It still works perfectly fine and costs a fraction of the cost to replace as a heat pump system or expensive wetback / solar solutions.

In my experience, folk who use solar and wetbacks are exposed to high risks due to design and installation issues requiring costly changes to make them work as advertised.

Solar water heating may work well for some people, but remember to factor in additional costs if the roof is not strong enough to support the weight & then there's the issues of roof maintenance. Then there's the problem of the plastic tubes losing their ability to transmit light as they age, go brittle and take on a crazed / hazy appearance due to UV exposure and weathering.

Medium - long term I am hoping that heat pump water heating will develop into a viable option where the units last 10-15 years minimum.

J W.
06 Feb 2021
It’s not the time?

I am saddened that a community publisher should be advising readers "It’s not the time to rip out your existing instant hot water heater or gas hobs in the kitchen". How much evidence of anthropogenic climate change do you need before you are prepared to lift a finger to help?

It way past time to stop burning fossil fuel wherever we can. NZ is lagging behind even Australia (by a factor of 5) in achieving our (minimal) Paris Accord goals. We are second to last on the list - only doing better than Turkey.

Bob R.
06 Feb 2021
Gas suppliers view?

I'd like to understand the view of gas suppliers and their position on the matter. Certainly, you can still sign up for a new connection, but our commitment to reducing GHG emissions is not reflected in any supplier websites that I've seen. Whilst it's good for gas suppliers to sign up new customers, it will be profitable for them only in the short-term and will cause a real headache for new builds and existing customers not aware of our international agreements.

Whilst I'm all for reducing GHG emissions, I believe that gas suppliers (and manufacturers of gas-consuming equipment) will need to highlight this in their advertising material to ensure everyone is made well aware that supply may be seriously curtailed. Of course, the policy has yet to be introduced, but I'm guessing it will be just a matter of a small amount of time before it will be.

David M.
06 Feb 2021
Please moderate the comments

I am pro free speech and will be seriously financially impacted if I cannot use gas for cooking. BUT please do not not let fake "facts" like those in the last comment pass without vetting.

David M.
06 Feb 2021

I meant the comment from BR & GLS.

Douglas S S.
06 Feb 2021
More lies from BR and GLS (interesting that they don't use their names)

For a start, the amount of H2O (water) in the atmosphere is not the issue, it is the amount of greenhouse gases like CO2 and methane. The amount of water comes and goes; what changes it's overall concentration is the temperature and the temperature is affected by the gases that trap it; yes, water vapour does too (not clouds though) but the concentration depends on those other gases. What other lies of yours would you like me to address? By the way, I have a PhD is a related science (geochemistry, which incliudes all earth systems) and I have worked for many years in environemntal chemistry and have taught in relevant subjects for many years. Appearing before a committee does not mean that you have any expertise; any idiot is entitled to appear.

David B.
06 Feb 2021
Natural Gas

I have just had my power bill which includes a $68 standing charge for having gas but not using it. I was going to suggest the establishment of these standing charges need to be investigated but given the oncoming storm on gas usage I just expect it will be doubled!

mark s.
06 Feb 2021
gas cooking ban is crazy

the largest portion of home energy use is water heating and home heating -- gas hobs is tiny by comparison - but trust wellington to zero in on cooking!!!

Douglas S S.
06 Feb 2021
I don't understand

What do you mean by "wellington"? The Government? The Climate Change Commission (which is of experts from all over the country)? Consumer NZ? The article specifically covers water and space heating, as well as cooking as they will all be affected (and remember, it is NEW connections only, current ones are not affected). So I don't understand your point.

Steve B.
06 Feb 2021
country comparison

Really there should be a comparison with other countries. Approximately China 10,000,000,000 tons of CO2 NZ 78,000,000 equivalent.
While all countries should do their bit I question why china should continue their growth at the expense of the rest of the world.
I don't see the population size as wholly relevant.

J W.
06 Feb 2021
That's a bit galling!

How can the population of a country be in any way irrelevant? 1.4 billion people should live on the same budget as 5 million?

You could equally well say that NZ should expect to have CO2 emissions no more than the Cook Islands.

China (says it) is well on track to exceed the CO2 emissions it signed up to and NZ is heading in the opposite direction (increasing, not decreasing). If we don't intend to achieve our Paris commitments then Key shouldn't have signed the accord.

Jean W.
06 Feb 2021
Non-induction cook top on a new cooker is also good

I did rip out the gas, about three years ago, because of climate breakdown. I love my all-electric cooker. I wasn't keen on losing the gas cook top, and of course I had to get used to the new one, but it's fine. The oven is spectacular compared to the gas one that I dumped. I would say to keen cooks, you'll manage just fine with an electric hob, even if it's not induction.

Susan O.
06 Feb 2021
Induction stoves

Sadly though I've already heard of several people whose induction stoves have not lasted and they have had to buy new ones. Most of us dont have the money for the change in the first place let alone a second. Plus all the saucepans need to be changed as well.
Hardly an economical decision even though I want to make a difference to climate change - I cant even afford the upkeep of my house!

Douglas S S.
06 Feb 2021
Consumer - how do you allow such lies to be told on your site

I refer not to Jean and Susan but to B R and G L S. Everything they claim is just plain wrong. Just follow the science as that is done by people who know what they are talking about, not wishful thinkers. But I am so surprised that Consumer NZ knowingly allows such lies to be perpetrated on its site. So disappointing.