13 May 2022

Why is toilet paper never on sale any more?

New Zealand experiencing ongoing shortages.

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John H.
16 May 2022
Quilton toilet paper still available

When ABC Tissue stopped manufacturing Quilton toilet rolls ,last year in NZ, this did not leave "a hole in the NZ market" as Consumer claims.
Countdown has been importing Quilton toilet rolls direct from the Australian manufacturer, due to their popularity, being a stronger 3 ply tissue (most local ones are 2 ply)
They are readily available at Countdown supermarkets, in 24 pack rolls for $16.50 and that price has remained the same since last year (unusual in these inflationary times! )

G M.
16 May 2022
Nothing left to Squeeze

Toilet paper "manufacturers" here in New Zealand have spent thousands over the years modifying their machinery to fluff up toilet paper so that the rolls don't look any smaller but have less paper in the roll. (a bit like muesli bars, chocolate etc:- the packaging stays the same size but the contents shrink). I imagine there is only so far you can take this process and when you can't fool the public any more you have to chop the discounts.

John Boyes
14 May 2022
Toilet paper price

When an item is continously sold at a discounted price that then become the "normal" price. When I was "much younger " apples came with a tissue wrap that was utilised. Most just cut up the newspaper into squares . It didn't cost much as papers in those days were around 5c.

Gary B.
14 May 2022

Sorbent and Pyrex are manufactured in the pulp and paper Town of kawerau are they not? I thought they were supplied with pulp sourced from the local pine forests? Are they really dependent on imported pulp as well ? I find it incredible that in NZ we are dependent on any imported wood product. But thanks for explaining the lack of discounts, I had wondered.