Paper towel roll on kitchen bench.
Research report
17 April 2020

Why reusable paper towels aren't always right for the job

“Reusable” isn’t always “suitable”.

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Renate S.
20 Sep 2021
Use two types

I use two yellow cleaning cloths, one for the kitchen and the other one for dirtier works. To ensure hygiene, I cut a bit on each corner on the "dirtier" one, to distinguish it from the kitchen one. It's that easy! Every two months or so, I boil the kitchen cloth with a squirt kitchen detergent for ten minutes. That needs a larger pan, because it has a tendency to foam and boil over, but it is quick and easy and they come out like new. It saves money on the long run and means less waste. By now my kitchen cloth must be near ten years old, and is still nice and yellow, like a new one. Try it!

J W.
23 Apr 2020

Hi. I think you've substituted "Simply Care" for "Simply Clean" a couple of times and it makes the article really hard to read.

Consumer staff
23 Apr 2020
Re: Typo?

Hi J W,

Good spot and apologies for the error. We've now corrected this.

Fonda - Consumer NZ staff