Wine award labels
Research report
25 August 2017

Wine award labels

Are wine medals worth the shiny paper they’re printed on?

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Lyn N.
23 Jun 2021
Wine bottle stickers

Wine critic Raymond Chan passed away in 2019. But I'm surprised see new vintage 2020 bottles appearing on the shelves with his named sticker displayed.
I checked with the winery and was advised that some one else has picked up his website and is writing wine critique's in his name apparently with "appropriate permissions".
I use these stickers when shopping - they guide my shopping decisions and add value to my selection. Thus I do expect that the named person appearing on the sticker is the person who critiqued the wine. Buyer beware!

Hamish W.
09 Sep 2017
Yeah - nah.

Mostly we look for wines under $10 that we've found to be OK before. Not flash - but drinkable is our criteria.

We think that that any "gold label" wine should be supplied with a large pinch of salt.