July 2022

Your rights if your flight is delayed or cancelled

We explain your rights under the Civil Aviation Act.

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23 Jul 2022
$20 Insurance policy what does it cover

If your air Nz domestic flight is cancelled due to weather doesn’t the insurance policy - offered at time of booking every flight purchase - cover any extra costs, whether it be accommodation, transfers or more expensive ticket?

Bill U.
25 Jul 2022
Insurance payout

We took out insurance and had 2 flights cancelled. Fortunately we could drive home within the North Island. Covermore Insurance has agreed to pay our rental car and associated costs. Still waiting on payment as we need to cancel the AirNZ credit as this would be considered "betterment" if we accepted both.

Joanna P L.
21 Jul 2022
Cancelled flight and expensive rebooking

Last week it was disappointing to be advised the night before that my son's early Domestic flight was cancelled and no rescheduled flight was given. When we checked online it stated there was no equivalent cost flights available for two days but my son needed to get home for work, or lose income...We checked in the morning and were able to get him onto a flight the day he was meant to travel but at almost twice the cost. If there was room on another flight on the day he was meant to travel I don't understand why Air NZ didn't automatically offer my son the seat at no extra cost.