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6 July 2022

Your wins: Dodgy dishdrawer door finally replaced

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Jude Fry contacted our Consumer Advice Line about her daughter’s new Fisher & Paykel dishdrawer. The machine had a faulty door that kept falling off, exposing wires and other internal parts. The young couple had just moved into a brand-new apartment with their toddler and so wanted the matter resolved urgently due to the potential dangers.

Dishwasher door

Jude told us she had been on the phone many times to Fisher & Paykel about the issue. “No one seems to understand the urgency and therefore escalate a remedy, given the fact of our now 23-month-old curious grandchild is running about the apartment,” Jude told us.

While Fisher & Paykel did send a technician to replace the door, it fell off again. A second visit from a technician also failed to resolve the problem, so the family requested a new dishdrawer. In the meantime, the couple had to cover the drawer with a piece of cardboard to ensure their toddler didn’t touch the wires.

Fisher & Paykel said they would again replace the door, but there was a delay in getting a part and so could not give the family a timeline for the fix.

“We lost count of the number of times we called and were lucky to get the same person twice,” Jude said. “While the ‘customer service’ person might have had notes about the dishdrawer issue, they didn’t get the urgency. Not only had the door fallen on to my husband’s bare foot, but we ended up taping a piece of cardboard on to the front.”

So Jude contacted us, and we got in touch with Fisher & Paykel’s head office and asked them to look into the case, given the potential dangers and the fact there was clearly a problem with the pins holding the door cover in place. After we intervened, Fisher & Paykel arranged to replace the dishdrawer.

However, it wasn’t all plain sailing.

“When F&P finally agreed to replace it, they sent the wrong one. More of a wait time!”

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