Updated 31 Oct 2016


Baby Monitor 3G

Snapshot: The TappyTaps Baby Monitor 3G is a baby monitor app with plenty of features. But how well does it perform?

Baby Monitor 3G
Consumer score
Avg price


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Test results

Overall score
Ease of use

Good points

  • Audio and video app
  • Very easy to set up and use.
  • Has "talk to baby" function.
  • Light on phone can be set as night light.
  • Compatible with Apple and Android devices.


  • Requires two phones or tablets to act as parent/child units.
  • Stand required for baby unit phone or tablet.
  • No night vision.
  • No room-temperature monitor.
  • Available for both Apple and Android devices.

How we test

We assess each monitor's performance on:

  • Sound range (how well it transmits through indoor walls).
  • Sensitivity and sound quality (whether the baby unit picks up soft sounds and how well the parent unit reproduces them).
  • Picture quality (of video monitors).

We also check for interference from a microwave or a digital cordless phone – and whether the monitor causes interference in a TV or a digital cordless phone.

We assess ease of use on:

  • The size and clarity of the labels, indicators and controls.
  • How easy it is to operate the controls and set up the unit.

Overall score

Audio/video monitors:

  • Picture performance (30%)
  • Sound performance (40%)
  • Ease of use (30%)

Audio-only product:

  • Sound performance (70%)
  • Ease of use (30%)

Key data


Avg price


Audio & video app
Battery on baby unit
Battery low indicator
yes (phone)


Video monitor
Movement sensor
Room-temperature monitor
Room-temperature monitor alarm
Sound indicator lights
Night light
Portable parent unit
yes (phone)
Belt clip
Two way audio communication (talk to baby)
Plays a tune/s (e.g. lullaby)

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