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Chop, slice, grate, blend, puree, mix and knead. A food processor is your jack of all trades in the kitchen.

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Multi Processor LC5500


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    Test results

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    • 2018 rating lock black
      Slicing carrots
    • 2018 rating lock black
      Shredding cheese
    • 2018 rating lock black
      Chopping breadcrumbs
    • 2018 rating lock black
      Kneading pastry
    • 2018 rating lock black
      Emulsifying mayonnaise
    • 2018 rating lock black
      Ease of use

    Good points

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    Bad points

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    How we test

    Overall score includes:

    Performance (60%): Based on how well the food processors performed across a range of processing tasks: slicing carrots, chopping breadcrumbs, grating cheese, kneading pastry and emulsifying mayonnaise. If a processor has a blender attachment, we puree soup. If it has a mini-processor we make pesto and curry paste. These additional tests don’t contribute to our overall score.

    Ease of use (40%): We also looked at how easy it was to use the controls, read the labels, lock and release the bowls and attachments, and clean and store the unit.

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    We've reviewed the Sunbeam Multi Processor LC5500 to see how well it performs in these categories:

    • Performance
    • Slicing carrots
    • Shredding cheese
    • Chopping breadcrumbs
    • Kneading pastry
    • Emulsifying mayonnaise



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