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We’ve tested cordless stick vacuums to find which are best at cleaning carpet and hard floors, and removing pet hair.

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Icon 25V Cordless Vacuum 2602F


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    How we test

    Overall score is based on:

    Hard floors (30% of overall score) – uses the power head (or hard floor head if included) to pick up a variety of materials such as cornflakes, potting mix and flour.

    Carpet (25% of overall score) – for our “quick” carpet clean score, we rub a precise amount of dust into a piece of test carpet and then, using the standard brush head, pass the vacuum over it four times and weigh the collected dirt. For our “full” carpet cleaning score, we make a further six passes and weigh the dirt collected.

    Pet hair (15% of overall score) – we rub pet hair into a piece of test carpet, then use the standard brush head to vacuum it up with 10 passes and weigh the collected hair.

    Ease of use (30% of overall score) – assesses the movement of the main cleaning head, looking at the vacuum’s ability to clean under low furniture, as well as versatility and mobility, ease of emptying, control use and what on-board tools are provided.

    Find out more about how we test stick vacuum cleaners.

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    We've reviewed the Bissell Icon 25V Cordless Vacuum 2602F to see how well it performs in these categories:

    • Hard floor
    • Carpet clean
    • Pet-hair removal
    • Ease of use


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