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13 December 2019

Life insurance buying guide

Find out how to choose the right life insurance, how much your cover might cost, plus which companies have the most satisfied customers.

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andrea h.
31 Dec 2019
Life Insurance Discrimination

I would love Consumer to investigate Life Insurance discrimination. My husband is a very well controlled, healthy type 1 diabetic. We have tried many insurance companies to get life insurance for him. The very few companies say that yes, put so much “loading” on the premium that the cost is simply ludicrous and unaffordable. We lived briefly in Australia and note that they have a ruling that they can not refuse to give life insurance because of a health condition - and they can not put a loading on the premium because of a health condition such as diabetes.

Consumer staff
06 Jan 2020
Re: Life Insurance Discrimination

Hello Andrea,

We're sorry to hear about this. I have passed your query over to our research team for them to consider.

Kind regards,

Natalie - Consumer NZ staff

Nina S.
09 Mar 2020
Very high loading for Type 1 Diabetic

Totally agree with Andrea.

We have a similar situation with insuring a Type 1 Diabetic, and we are being ripped off as well. The diabetic partner in our household pays premiums that are 1.86 times higher than what the non-diabetic pays. And, on top of that, the amount of cover REDUCES every year.

We feel we have little choice but to cancel the Life Insurance and put the money to better use.

Consumer, please look into this behaviour and see what can be done to make the system more fair.