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18 May 2020

Air NZ pulls refund U-turn

Airline to refund passengers on all US flights after our complaint.

Air New Zealand has backed down and will refund all passengers on cancelled US flights after we called out the company for its practices.

Flight rules in the US entitle passengers travelling to or from the States to a refund if their flight is cancelled. However, Air New Zealand was telling customers transiting through the US on their way to the UK they could only get a credit.

In our view, that advice misled consumers about their rights.

Information provided to us by the US Department of Transportation said all passengers should be refunded, including those travelling via a US airport to another destination.

After we announced we’d lodged a complaint with the Commerce Commission, asking it to investigate Air New Zealand’s claims, the airline changed its stance.

The airline’s backdown means affected customers can now claim a refund.

If you were booked on an Air New Zealand flight to the US that was cancelled, contact the airline or your travel agent and request your money back.

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