14 April 2022

Are insurance policy exclusions for mental health unfair?

We look into mental health discrimination in health, life & income protection insurance.

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B A S.
07 May 2022
I can only comment

on one case when I was handling an insurance claim on an accident & sickness policy and the client was paid for two years for an assumed mental problem. It was well known in the community that this person was rorting the policy but the company had not excluded 'incapacity due to a mental condition' so he enjoyed a handsome weekly payment for two years.

Jeff S.
04 May 2022
Pay for private counselling

So there’s nothing on your official medical records. Good counsellors are easy to find and the results from medication aren’t as good as you are told.

Alison A.
19 Apr 2022
No longer taking medication

One of the most common reasons for mental illness relapses is people's reluctance to remain on medication, and the pressure they may get from those around them to 'go off the meds asap'. Mental health conditions very seldom suddenly come right on their own and medications may sometimes be tried, discarded and replaced several times before one is found that suits the sufferer. I am therefore a little sceptical when a person is no longer taking medication and this is assumed to be because they are 'cured'. It is just as likely to be the reverse - that they are in greater danger because of that.

Peter P.
17 Apr 2022
Travel Insurance

I am in the process of arranging travel insurance for myself and my wife to finally go on our long awaited trip back to her home country. The mental health question also comes up when applying for the travel insurance.