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3 April 2019

Bank accounts and fees

Our guide shows you the different types of bank accounts, smart ways to cut your bank fees, and how to switch banks.

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Werner & Heidi
08 Jan 2016
BNZ Bank lost connection to customer

We are in need of a new customer assessment of BNZ because they lost connection to their customer. The service is unfriendly and it takes a very long time until somebody comes on the phone and the only answer we get is "we can't help".
We had problems because we repaid a part of our loan and then got 8 pages letter about penalties. Calling back the help desk they couldn't help and after 5 times calling I gave up.
BNZ Bank in Blenheim does not have "small business adviser" any more and they make me calling the (not helping) help-desk.
We are good BNZ customer for 12 years and in the last 18 month it got just from bad to worse.

Previous member
21 Oct 2015
When was this last updated?

Hi can you please post the date when this information was last checked? The information regarding BNZ seems to be out of date when compared to their information about You Money https://www.bnz.co.nz/personal-banking/everyday-banking/youmoney

Previous member
23 Oct 2015
re: When was this last updated?

Hi Leo,

The date at the top of the page shows when this piece was last updated – 13 Aug 2015. We review bank fees every 3 months, so the next update will be in November. The date at the top of the page will be changed accordingly.

Kind regards,

Consumer NZ staff