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12 May 2023

Bell+Howell Tac Glasses review: "not particularly good"

Promising (but failing to deliver) eagle-sharp vision, the Tac Glasses left me feeling more like a guy in ill-fitting sunnies than a tactical hero. 

As far as infomercials, the one peddling these glasses takes the cake for me. A buff and staunch looking Nick Bolton (an actor, not a soldier) tells you that these glasses have been inspired by the very same ones “worn by our heroes in uniform” and will give you “vision as sharp as an eagle”.

At one point the glasses are put over the camera lens to reveal a truck barreling down the road towards you! These glasses must be very good if they can reveal previously unseen trucks. I’m always worried about surprise trucks. Later in the ad, a previously bare hillside has a hidden soldier revealed when the glasses are put on – very tactical indeed! I had to buy them now.

Tac glasses product

I was very excited about this purchase but unfortunately, they’re not particularly good.

  • Price: We bought a pair for $30 at The Warehouse but in terms of feels, these flimsy specs feel more like $2 shop varieties.

  • Fit: This is subjective, but they weren’t comfortable on my face.

  • Usage: Tac forbids you from using these glasses when driving, and that rules out about 95% of my sunglass-wearing time.

  • Lenses: The lenses are orange/copper in the Tac advert and on their packaging; however, my sunglasses were blue/green.

    James getting tactical. Photo: Elizabeth Kim.

Things hadn’t got off to the best start – tactically speaking. Still I sucked it up, put on my new Tac glasses and wandered the streets. A quick glance at my refection in a shop window made me realise that I’d never be mistaken for a plain-clothed hero, just a guy in ill-fitting sunnies. These glasses didn’t reveal any hidden trucks or snipers either, it was just TV trickery. I didn’t even feel like they were even particularly effective sunglasses in bright, sunny conditions.

Would I recommend them to anyone? No.

Sunglasses complaint upheld by the Advertising Standards Authority

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has upheld a complaint about a misleading TV ad for Tac Glasses, highlighting the sunglasses' disregard for safety by promoting their use for blocking glare while driving despite being unsuitable for this purpose.

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