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12 May 2023

Tac Glasses TV ad ‘portrayed a disregard for safety’

Sunglasses complaint upheld by the Advertising Standards Authority.

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has upheld a complaint about a TV ad for Tac Glasses. ASA’s complaints board said the ad was misleading and “portrayed a disregard for safety”.

The TV infomercial highlighted the features of the sunglasses, including the ability to block glare by holding them in front of a car windscreen. Despite this, the sunglasses come with instructions that they aren’t to be used for driving. Tac Glasses have Category 4 lenses which aren’t recommended for driving as the lenses are too dark to see clearly.

Advertiser Global Shop Direct told the ASA’s Complaints Board that the ad does not show a person wearing Tac Glasses whilst driving but shows the glasses being worn in a moving vehicle to demonstrate the feature of blocking glare. The company offered to add a disclaimer to the ad’s road scene and include a relevant FAQ question on its website.

The board ruled that the ad had not been prepared with a due sense of responsibility. It also ruled that the ad was portraying an unsafe practice by associating the glasses with driving into on-coming traffic when they aren’t fit for this purpose.

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