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Research report
17 December 2019

“Biodegradable” cup claims don't wash

“Biodegradability” claims binned after our investigation.

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Patricia L.
21 Dec 2019
What about plastic electric jugs?

I'm interested in your remarks about melamine leaching from reusable coffee cups. have you done tests on electric jugs, and are older jugs more likely to leach undesirable chemicals than new ones?

Consumer staff
23 Dec 2019
Re: What about plastic electric jugs?

Hi Patricia,

We haven’t tested kettles for leaching so we don’t have a definitive answer to your question regarding older jugs. Although the plastic used in kettles is supposed to withstand the stress of repeated and prolonged exposure to high temperatures, it’s conceivable that leaching may occur, especially as the kettle ages. We’d advise discarding an electric jug where the plastic is discoloured, scratched or otherwise showing signs of wear and tear (including giving off a “plastic” smell). If you’re in the market for a new kettle, there are plenty of stainless steel and glass models to choose from.

Kind regards,

Julia - Consumer NZ writer