21 January 2022

Bring your own device: how to choose a laptop or tablet for school

Our advice on buying a BYOD computer for your child – whether they’re at primary, intermediate or high school.

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Paul W
22 Jan 2022
Don't buy cheap for college kids

I made a mistake buying a cheap HP laptop at the boxing day sales for my granddaughter when she went to college, After about 6 months it was obvious that this thing was way underpowered for her use. Next time PB Tech had a sale I bought her another HP this time with 8 Gig of RAM , 256 Gig SSD and a faster processor for about $1100 . It works fine. I inherited the old one that takes about 10 minutes to boot up.

Graham C.
22 Jan 2022
Other OS

The dependence on Windows, Apple or Google should be broken as the cost for parents is often too much especially if they have more than one child at school. Linux as an alternative OS is desirable as it has no cost and can be installed on even 10 year old machines. Appropriate software is available for nothing on Linux.
The issue of BYOD at primary schools is another issue which need debating: why are computers at primary even needed? This is the time when basic academic skills are required, not pseudo game-playing such as Minecraft.

James C.
22 Jan 2022

Why at primary? Indeed. Teachers and schools should be ashamed of themselves.

Roger & Jodie W.
23 Jan 2022
Appropriate software is available for nothing on Linux.

For nothing BUT TIME AND EFFORT for some software.
It's come a long way in the last decade, but maintaining a Linux box still isn't always as easy as the others.