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21 July 2020

Buying a Mac computer: why you should think twice right now

What you need to know about the Mac's transition from Intel to Apple silicon processors.

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Paul M.
27 Jul 2020
Good News or bad news?

I've used Apple machines (and laptops) commercially in design for over 30 years. My last experience was the dreaded 2011 Macbook Pro overheating GPU chip which Apple first refused to recognize and then funded a repair which didn't last. That episode aside, I still prefer to buy Apple machines and their adoption of 3rd party Intel chips made me wonder if they had lost either the expertise or drive to better them. Certainly Apples' laptop and desktop market has fallen into a niche category compared to their OS devices.

This news gives me some confidence in Apple's direction which I had questioned with the loss of Steve Jobs and his inspiration and management. Thank you for this article, it is becoming a minor market, even though Apple's hardware is a major component of my design work.

Dionne N.
25 Jul 2020
Always had mac computers but I would wait

I am onto my 3rd iMac computer in 22years. My first one lasted 10years and the second 11 before I decided they were getting to slow. The second dies about 2 weeks after buying a new computer. Admittedly once I moved from being a student I wasn't using my computer every day but value for money it was worth it. The resolution is amazing.
Hearing that they are making such a change I would want to have it proven before I sunk that amount of money into a new computer, becuse they are not the cheapest on the market. Be pretty annoyed if they don't give the software updates to the newish computer I have because they have changed CPUs.

Matt S.
25 Jul 2020
Wait until the 2nd generation models

Apple's track record with first generation hardware and software releases has been sketchy at best (anyone remember OS 10.0?). My advice, which comes from working in the IT sector for 30 years, is to wait until they release their second generation of computers running their new CPUs. I could be wrong though - it wouldn't be the first time!

Graham E.
25 Jul 2020

Apple has yet to move towards 5G. I was told that their iPhone 11, which costs about 2500, will NOT be compatible with 5G. Instead you will have to buy the latest Apple iPhone 12 coming out at the end of the year. Is this correct?

Consumer staff
27 Jul 2020
Re: Apple

Hi Graham,

That's correct - iPhone 12 range is expected to support 5G network connectivity.

Kind regards,
Frank - Consumer NZ staff

William O.
25 Jul 2020

I've been using Apple laptops since around 2003. I was still using a late 2008 Macbook pro until recently and it was still functioning very well.
I recommend Apple, but a bit dubious over the change in processers.

Marita B.
25 Jul 2020
price point

Thanks, a timely article. Mac laptops are crazy expensive, particularly if you choose a bigger memory option. The govt has introduced a one-off (this financial year) covid stimulus where businesses can 100% write off equipment purchases under $5k. Apple would do well to keep their new models under that price point for those considering an upgrade.