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1 August 2012

Carpet buying guide

Our guide explains what to look for when you’re buying new carpet.

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Doug L.
04 Nov 2017

If your carpet develops shading and you were not warned about by the retailer, you are very unlikely to make a successful claim.
It happened to us, and we took the retailer to the small claims tribunal and lost.

Brian MacCormack
01 Jul 2017
Soundproofing effect?

What do you look for in carpet and underlay if you want to deaden the noise on a wooden floor?

Diana M.
27 May 2015
Carpet installation

Ask your installer how they attach carpet to a concrete floor. I once saw where the installer when laying carpet, had left chips of concrete under the newly laid carpet. Obviously they had come from something hammered into the concrete which was used to attach the carpet to the floor.
I did wonder whether this was standard practice.